Founded in 1977, Vutec Corporation is a global leader and manufacturer of hi-performance projection screens and AV accessories. Vutec's state-of-the-art product line is developed to satisfy the ever changing demands of video enthusiasts and audio/video dealers worldwide.

Vutec holds numerous patents and patents-pending on a multitude of viewing products, including our revolutionary SilverStar™ 2D/3D, Vision X™ and Vutec™ video projection screens.

Vutec's screen technology and design leadership continues to pave the way with innovative manufacturing of front/rear projection screens, ArtScreens, masking systems, and AV presentation tools.

Our history

  • 1977

  • 1981

  • 1997

  • 2004

  • 2015

Vutec Corporation Founded.

This is the year Vutec set it's mark in the projection screen industry. 1977 brought some amazing technology to the front of this luxury area of the market. The owner Howard Sinkoff made a place in history that is irreplaceable.

10 Foot Diagonal.

1981 proved that size really matters in the projection screen industry. Vutec launched the first ever 10 foot diagonal compound curved screen. With a 13.2 gain this electrifying screen is still in the showcase of Vutec Corporation today.

Vision X.

1997 was the entrance of the Vision X line in the Vutec umbrella. An influential Collection of projection screens that offers unequaled craftsmanship, ingenuity and performance. Countless hours have been spent on engineering, marketing research, and design to make Vision X a projection screen in a class of it's own.

With the implementation of an unsurpassed image masking system and a digital screen control system, Vision X quickly became the new standard by which all screens should be compared by. Each Vision X projection screen is a custom built in our factory for the experienced integrator seeking more.


The motorized rising projector screen flourished in 2004 with an all new look to the retracta-vu line. This addition the Vutec projection screen assortment allowed transportable screens to take a new form. The multi-use product line enabled a new market place for Vutec to enter into.

Vutec Marketing.

The award winning brand of Vutec Products evolved to an entire new platform in 2015. With the market of projection screens reaching new heights the organization took shape of a brand new venture in marketing. Bringing on a brand new team the company has made leaps in bounds to provide the exposure needed for this growing business.


With nearly fourty years in the industry Vutec provides services through an expanding global network of authorized dealers and distributors in 87 countries.


Our products stand the test of time. With a vutec stamp of approval our customers know they have an industry standard in projection screens worldwide.


Vutec products and accessories are designed and demonstrated for home theatre, commercial, educational, retail, industrial, government, military and institutional markets worldwide.

Electronic House - Vutec Projection Screen.Vutec Corporation is one of the world's leading video projection screen manufacturers. The company began blazing trails in the 1970s with the quality development of bright curved screens and maintained its vanguard position with a host of patented and patent-pending products including PrismaTec, a rear projection screen system, and a variety of motorized screens, including ceiling mounted, recessed and rising arm formats.

Vutec also carries a wide array of screen accesories and audio-visual products. The crowning achievement of Vutec, and the first new screen technology in more than 38 years, is the award- winning, patented SilverStar

The fabrics on our product lines come in an assorment of styles working into any venue or decor. The stylized brands are excecptional with many of which are ISF certified products. Our high gain screens have dazzled the world and receive countless awards all around the world. This particular feature in Electronic House Magazine expresses "HOME THEATER DESIGN is all about creating an experience. When done right, a home theater is a room specifically engineered to transport you far from the normalcy of your everyday life and engross your senses in a visual and auditory wonderland." - EH Staff