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projects done 9867 till today

After close to fourty years and more than 9800+ successfully implemented projects, we have surpassed our competition in quality, design and implementation.

Vision XMV-IV™ dual format vertical masking system with tab-tensioned surfaces.

Eleganté fixed frame wall screen is a competitively priced front projection screen.

Vision XFV™ a vertically engineered dual-aspect masking system for all anamorphic lens projector system.

SilverStar™ SSX a sleek rigid screen with an ultra slim frame formulated from Vutec's award winning patented technology.

Vision XFHR™ is a custom built dual-aspect rear-projection screen with horizontal masking.

Consort Lectro IR QM is an instant Plug-in Play motorized projection screen with a built-in IR remote and an in line wall mount control.

Vision XFT™, for the discerning home theater owner that demands a sophisticated video projection masking screen.

Foundation of excellence

Founded in 1977, Vutec Corporation is a global leader and manufacturer of hi-performance projection screens and AV accessories. Vutec's state-of-the-art product line is developed to satisfy the ever changing demands of video enthusiasts and audio/video dealers worldwide.

Vutec holds numerous patents and patents-pending on a multitude of viewing products, including our revolutionary SilverStar™ 2D/3D, Vision X™ and Vutec™ video projection screens.

Vutec showcases an influential collection of projection screens that offers unequaled craftsmanship, ingenuity and performance. Countless hours have been spent on engineering, marketing research, and design to make a projection screen in a class of it's own. With the implementation of an unsurpassed image masking system and a digital screen control system, Vutec quickly became the new standard by which all screens should be compared by. Each Vutec projection screen is a custom built in our factory for the experienced integrator seeking more.

Our Premium Fabrics

Our high-contrast, high-gain surfaces are designed for uncontrolled lighting environments and home theater applications. We feature an assortment of surfaces to meet any client need in commercial and residential projection screens.





Surface: Tab-Tensioned

Gain: 0.95
This grey-based material was developed to boost contrast on digital projectors in viewing rooms that are not entirely dark.
• Increased black levels
• Superior performance in high- ambient environments.
• Color saturation
• Tab-tensioned, grey vinyl surface

Surface: Self-Supported

Gain: 1.0
Standard pure white fiberglass reinforced vinyl includes a blackout back.

Surface: Rigid

Gain: 6.0
A true HD fixed front projection screen surface.
• Superior image sharpness
• High contrast and bright colors in high ambient light environemntes.
• SilverStar can be multi-plexed for larger sizes.


Gain: 0.8
Award winning acoustically transparent surface produces an excellent video image.
• Superb colors and white uniformity
• Recommended for controlled lighting environments.
• Durable vinyl coated woven, curl free and eliminates the need for tab-tensioning.
• SoundScreen is designed for all HD 1080p projection technologies.

Digital Executive Team

Our leadership is comprised of some of the top professionals in the country. The Digital Exececutive Team utiilizes our national & international sales directors unified with our marketing & design departments. These infrastructures report directly to the CEO which has built Vutec to the top stage it is at today.

Howard Sinkoff

Founder / Cheif Executive Officer

Rick Nealis

Lead National Sales Director

Mark Vargas

International Sales Director

Darius A. McDougle

Executive Director of Marketing & Design

Having an extensive background in both motion pictures and real estate I have seen many home theater applications yet, with Vutec the products simply amaze me. $1,000,000 homes have brilliant installs with Vutec products and it has shown me "It's All About The Screen".

James Joseph

The Worthland Group

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Transform your home or place of business into a something spectacular with our Vutec product line. We have the essentials to increase professionalism and enhance decor at a luxury level.

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